Hi Wolfgang.
I'm attaching the few new 7 club patterns I managed to "computerize" as .gif causal diagrams which you are of course welcome to use in the material you're issuing for your passing meeting. I'm afraid most of the stuff is on paper and I have a lot of stuff I want to do so the uploading is going slow. All the same I hope you'll find the patterns amusing. They are as follows:

1,2,3) 534p.gif; 53p4.gif; 5p34.gif
The 3 variations for passing 7 clubs with siteswap 534. These are not easy
patterns. I think we discussed them in one of the previous messages.

4,5,6) Popcorn.gif; Popcorn To Staggered.gif; Staggered To Popcorn.gif The right handed "popcorn" pattern and the transitions into it and from it to standard staggered doubles. Obviously there are nice variations which may be constructed by cuntinuously transitioning back and forth from popcorn to staggered doubles and back. For exmaple you can take the basic popcorn siteswap of - 534333 and turn it into 5343433343. All these patterns are easy - all you need to know in order to do them reliably is to have reliable self triples, and even that just in the right hand!

7) Oddz Godz.gif
A not too difficult 2 count pattern, that feels surprisingly similar to the 6 club 3 count trick I called "Self Double Hurry" only with the doubles and singles reversed. I have another variation I came up with but not yet computerized.

8,9,10) Staggered Switch - Fast A.gif; Staggered Switch - Fast B.gif;
Staggered Switch - Slow.gif
The 3 ways I can think of for switching from right handed staggered doubles
to left handed staggered doubles. Note that the 2nd method is collision
prone, marked on the diagram by an inverted color ellipse. These are fun
patterns to run.

11) PPSa.gif
The "standard" way of doing Pass-Pass-Self with 7 clubs. Actually this is
continuously transitioning from right handed staggered doubles to left
handed staggered doubles the fast way ("Fast A"). So you might like to
practice left handed staggered doubles first, then transitioning back and
forth to right handed, then the full pattern.

12) PPSb.gif
Collision prone 7 clubs Pass-Pass-Self. The same as above but based on
"Fast B".

13) Hurried PPSa.gif
Same as PPSa but uses hurried throws to make things more interesting. The
nice thing here is that the two consecutive passes each juggler's go to the
just one hand of his partner.

14) Hurried PPSb.gif
Using "hurry technology" to get the collisions out of the PPSba pattern.
This is a difficult pattern which has fast hurries (requiring precise
throws) and a long repeat cycle of 12 throws. It gets awfully confusing!

That's it for now, hope you find at least some of it useful!