Turntables II 

Using the example of „der Arsch“ we explain how to work out a turntable graphically. This demonstrates that the method also works for patterns with more than one interception in a manipulators line.
Another example we provide is  the „y you follow me“.

New pattern description

The turntable and the pattern table for „der Arsch“ can be downloaded here (corrected on June, 20th 2018). Watch a movie of the pattern.


We provide a reader that tells you how lo learn scrambled v variations and other runarounds with 4 persons quickly. It explains how to find out where you stand and what role you have in every step of the pattern. Currently it is about 3 jugglers and 1 manipulator (3j + 1m). (changed on 12.01.2019)

Here is a pdf with the turntables for 4 people patterns (3j + 1m).
Here is the pdf with the turntables for 5 persons (3j + 2m). (changed on 12.01.2019)
And here is an excel sheet for 3 person patterns (2j + 1m).

Causal Diagrams User Manual

Ein Handbuch, das erklärt, wie causal diagrams gelesen werden.

Super Pass Tag 1999

Der erste Passingworkshop von Kölnvention – ist immer noch aktuell.